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About Erkinwhine
rkinwhine came into being way back in 1982. Back then, his name was spelled, Erkinwine. He was the first character I ever created using the Chivelry & Sorcery (first edition) rules system by (the now defunct) FGU (Fantasy Games Unlimited.) He started his career as an adventurer in single combat (as anyone who has seen this rules system will atest; a beginning Necromancer's spell list doesn't offer many options) with 3 wild
boars. As I remember, it was a less than stellar start; he came away with a broken leg. The Chivelry & Sorcery rules system (even as it stands now -- in 3rd edition) teaches a player to think before jumping into combat. Luckily for him, he was just outside the city gates of Santuary. A city adventure pack put out by Chaosium based on the greatest anthology mankind has ever known -- Thieves World, edited by Robert Lynn Asprin.

He eventually met up with Melbore; a nearly 5 foot tall hobit, and Tallon; a human prince more than 7' tall and
weighting nearly 500 pounds. There were others who would join for an adventure or two, but this trio eventually was it. They found one adventure after another in Sanctuary for over 2 years (game time not real time) and down time was a myth we only heard about, but never experienced. Often we couldn't even get a night's sleep in an inn without adventure finding us in some form or fashion.

Most of this adventure was on the fly, our referee was very good off the cuff and always kept us busy. Shortly
after our adventure in sanctuary started, he began a grand project. It was an overland adventure to an underground complex that was so extensive that it took more than a year to complete. We were in high school then and none of us had any idea what homework was. After something like 30 months in Sanctuary, Erkinwine had a dream of dark caverns and Tallon got a message from his father about some quest he was obligated to fulfill. We were off.

On route, Erkinwhine realized that with a abundance of corpses that kept popping up (He was a much better
Necromancer by now and Tallon and Melbore cold more than hold their own) it would be a great time to research the 'Secret of Life and Death.' A project that culminates in the building of a Frankenstein like monster. As his collection of parts began to increase, Tallon and Melbore became more and more disgusted with him. I never understood why. He never completed his project. We found the cave complex, a fortress carved into a mountainside, and began exploring it.

It would have taken years of adventure (as there were as many tricks and traps as well as puzzles and missions
we had to go on) to complete and our ever laboring referee was continuing to add on as we continued. As luck would have it, we had all graduated from high school, and the real world took a lot more of our time. We just didn't have as much time to play games as we had. The game was put on hold and we havn't revisited it.

As it stands, Erkinwine is the longest lasting character I have ever played. Not just in real time, but in one
advenutre after another. In the game system he was in, down time was a must, and he never had any. He researched spells and made enchantments usually while on sentury duty (they usually pulled a rotating 4 hour shift -- even in Sanctuary) which sometimes spelled trouble. As a result, he was never the Necromancer I wanted him to be, but he became a much better thief and mercenary than I could have ever imagined.

Erkinwine has stuck with me through the years, I often bring him into a new system once I have familiarized
myself well enough with the rules for it to be Erkinwine and not someone else. I have brought him into an internet based boxinggame with Tallon and Melbore though non of them is much like the real thing. I get to be their personality and that is cool. Erkinwine started spelling his name differently as a result of this non-compatability with game systems, and I kind of stuck with it.