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he old man struts out onto the balcony of his tower, secure at last in the safety of his castle. It had been a long six years. A smile creeps across his bony face, but takes refuge behind a thick black goatee. He gazes up at the morning sun and spreads his arms wide, beckoning it in. Nearby, the morning mists settle on the flora of the jungle outside Varossa. The amazon hunters have already been out and caught his breakfast. Lilli, his personal
chef would be finished soon. In the old man's mind a stray thought brings a chuckle. This would be his first full day as King/High-Priest of the Amazons, and he himself not even an amazon.

Erkinwhine, once lowly mage and companion of an emperor's son on some far away world, now leader of the
amazons in the Isles of Arragoth. But this lofty position would not be his for long; unless he could deal with this next crisis. Arragoth, a brutal immortal being was coming back to reclaim his realm. This Erkinwhine had himself foretold at his wedding (with this thought came a memory so painful as to wipe away any traces of the smile he had so recently worn -- could there have been another way?) .... Arragoth will awake in just one year, and for this, Erkinwhine must prepare.