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o say the queen was upset would be a gross understatement. She publicly refused to participate in the cere-mony to annoint him -- of all people. It was, of course, rescheduled. After two more days and countless appeals by the priestesses (Erkinwhine wisely obstained) Pandora agreed to the ceramony, on the condion it be made simple. She would perform it on her balcony in front of whomever wished to observe. There would be none of
the traditional festivities. It would be quick. And all would know she did not support him in his new role.

The next morning a small group met on the Queen's balcony to conduct the scaled down ceremony before a sur-
prisingly large group of the population, which had gathered below to witness. Many of whom were probably quietly won-dering what surprises the new High-Priest of Arragoth would have for them this day. If they were, he did not dissapoint them.

The ceremonies completed, Erkinwhine knelt before Pandora and she proclamed him High-Priest. His first act,
as High-Priest of Arragoth, was to snatch up the queen's royal scepter and strike her alongside the head with it. Disori-ented and bloodied, she staggared back and fell (some say pushed, but the priestesses agree -- she fell) over the railing to her death.

The old man, once again in his tattered robes, reaking of death; refugee from a far away world; mage without
magic; murderer; High-Priest of Arragoth; lacking the patience to endure another selection committee; stood before the people of Varossa and proclaimed himself King of the Amazons as well as High-Priest of Arragoth.

There were no pretenders to the throne. No one opposed the action. With quiet acceptance the crowd dis-
bursed. The priestesses paid their respects, asked for and were granted his leave. He then set about tossing the dead queen's belongings off the balcony. The bloodied scepter he kept. His work complete, Erkinwhine spent the rest of the day in the empty tower contemplating the events of the last week and wondering if it would all be worth it....