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Erkinwhine ...................... © 1982 by Terrald L. Bright
Note: Story line and characters other than Erkinwhine © 2000 were inspired by 'The Isles of Arragoth' and have appeared on the War of Wizards website. The Isles of Arragoth is a world created by David Harris and Chris Horn © unknown. Arragoth himself is the creation of David Harris and Chris Horn © unknown.

This story and all characters contained therein are purely fictitious. They are the product of this author's own mind. Any resimblance they may have to actual persons living or dead are a matter of coincidence and the result of a mind or minds even more twisted than that of the author. Erkinwhine (or Erkinwine) was a character created for a roleplaying game in the early 80's and he has kind of stuck with me. Erkinwine is in several genres at the present including a Boxing Game. If you wish to use him or any of the other characters contained herein, please contact me at Since Erkinwine has been with me for so long, it is important that he always remain in character.

The world in which the story takes place is the creation of David Harris and Chris Horn. It is part of a PBeM game of their own creation. Any inquiries should be addressed to either of them.