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The elegant Ruby-Jewel strode into the room magnificently, and
promptly sneezed a dainty little "ah-choo". Her not very spotless
husband the king tried to be sympathetic, "Nasty little cold you
have there".

"It's not a cold, it's allergies", she sniffled. "I'm allergic to
something in the palace!". She straightened up and her face abruptly
turned from sweet to serious, "Have you heard the horrible thing
that Erkinwhine fellow did? He found a lovely and loving lady, and
butchered her, in front of everybody, on their wedding day! That's
despicable!". Little red tears gleamed down her well-chiseled cheeks.

"Yes, it truly is.", Dr. Dirt agreed, "And people complain I play
dirty politics! This is worse than the one guy who wasn't looking and
backed his car over his new bride. At least that was an accident!"

"Can't you declare Holy War on him, or something!", Ruby wheezed,
"After all, you are the high and mighty ruler here. No one should
treat his wife that way..." What followed sounded more like a muffled
explosion than a sneeze. Little pieces of red stone went flying around
the throne room like precious shrapnel.

The good doctor pulled a red splinter out and examined it with a
practiced eye. Hmm, her allergies could help finance the kingdom
by enhancing gem production.

With a bewildered, wide-eyed expression, she said, "I think I'd better
lie down for a while." Her husband enthusiastically agreed.